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About Us

NU-MED Group consists of four highly specialized medical facilities where we diagnose and treat patients with cancerous diseases. In the centers in Elbląg, Katowice, and Zamość, the leading treatment modality is radiation therapy. In the Tomaszów Mazowieckie facility, both radiation therapy and chemotherapy are offered. We prioritize the comprehensive approach to cancer treatment, which is why each of our centers is connected to a public hospital. In one location, patients have access to oncology consultations, diagnostics, oncological surgical procedures, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

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About us

The Center for Radiotherapy and Oncology in Elbląg (CRiO Elbląg), the Specialist Oncology Hospital in Tomaszów Mazowiecki (SSO Tomaszów Mazowiecki), the Center for Oncology Diagnosis and Therapy in Zamość (CDiTO Zamość), and the Center for Oncology Diagnosis and Therapy in Katowice (CDiTO Katowice) are highly specialized medical facilities belonging to the NU-MED GROUP, offering cancer treatment at the highest level.

Our centers closely collaborate with public hospitals, ensuring comprehensive cancer treatment for every patient. Radiation oncologists, clinical oncologists, internists, along with highly qualified nursing teams, radiologic technicians, and medical physicists, oversee patient treatment and safety. Support is provided by psycho-oncologists and dietitians.

The hospitals have been designed to provide comfort to patients. Room decor and amenities allow for relaxation, with each room equipped with a bathroom, refrigerator, and television.

Patients can access assistance from the NU-MED Foundation as well as art therapy sessions and cosmetic workshops to help them cope with long stays during therapy.

For patients living a significant distance from the hospital, we have arrangements with nearby hotels and hostels. Additionally, patients can count on assistance in organizing transportation.

Treatment and care for our patients are provided under an agreement with the NFZ (National Health Fund.).



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