Centrum Diagnostyki i Terapii Onkologicznej - Zamość (Center for Oncological Diagnosis and Therapy - Zamość)

The Oncology Clinic provides medical care at every stage of oncological treatment, from the moment cancer is suspected, during causative treatment, and later, i.e., after the completion of the therapeutic process. A visit to the Oncology Clinic does not require a referral. However, it's advisable for patients reporting to the Oncology Clinic to specify the reason for their visit – it could be, for instance, diagnostic test results indicating the possibility of cancer, any visible or palpable lumps or tumors, or persistent pain or pressure in one area. Consultations within the Oncology Clinic are available at each of the NU-MED Group centers.

Center for Oncology Diagnostics and Therapy - Zamość

Consultations within the oncology clinic, in cooperation with the regional and oncological hospitals, are based on the collaboration between the Independent Regional Hospital in Zamość and the Centrum Diagnostyki i Terapii Onkologicznej - Zamość (Center for Oncological Diagnosis and Therapy - Zamość). The specialists receiving patients in the oncology clinic are clinical oncologists from the department of the regional hospital and specialists in oncological radiotherapy from the NU-MED center.

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