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Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre – Elbląg

NU-MED GRUPA S.A. Centrum Radioterapii i Onkologii - Elbląg (Center for Radiotherapy nd Oncology - Elbląg) is a hospital department of radiotherapy, including the Department of Radiotherapy with the Department of Medical Physics and Modeling. There are also Diagnostic Laboratories, an Oncology Clinic, and a Hematology Clinic located here

The hospital was designed to make patients feel comfortable. The room decor allows for relaxation. There are spacious rooms with two or three beds on two floors - a total of 44 places. Patient rooms are equipped with a bathroom, TV, refrigerator, and wardrobes. Free Wi-Fi is also available.

Special guest rooms with kitchenettes, televisions, and small libraries have been prepared for patients, where they can meet with family and friends in comfortable conditions.

Centrum Radioterapii i Onkologii - Elbląg  (Center for Radiotherapy nd Oncology - Elbląg)  along with the Diagnostic Laboratory, is a facility connected to the Szpitalem Wojewódzkim w Elblągu forming Elbląskie Centrum Onkologii.  The connection of these two hospitals ensures comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

All services at the Centrum Radioterapii i Onkologii - Elbląg  (Center for Radiotherapy nd Oncology - Elbląg)  are free of charge, thanks to an agreement with the NFZ (National Health Fund).

Radiotherapy and Enhancement Centre – Elbląg

Services provided:

The Radiotherapy Department is equipped with two linear accelerator laboratories, used for irradiation, as well as a brachytherapy laboratory. Available to patients and staff are also medical offices, a modelling room, and a specialized computer tomograph designed for radiotherapy planning. An integral part of the department is also the Department of Medical Physics, responsible for planning the treatment process. The laboratory equipment includes Versa HD accelerators and HDR Flexitron brachytherapy devices, which enable precise and effective treatment. They are supported by advanced information systems, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the therapy.

A key role in providing the highest quality medical care is played by an experienced medical team. It consists of specialist doctors in the field of radiotherapy and clinical oncology, internists, a qualified nursing team, electroradiology technicians, and medical physicists. Their cooperation guarantees not only the proper preparation and implementation of treatment plans but also care for the proper functioning of the equipment and the safety of patients.

The centre also includes the NU-MED Diagnostic Laboratories, which have the latest generation equipment - a GE OPTIMA CT 660 SE 128-layer CT scanner, a 1.5T OPTIMA MRI and 1.5 T. MAGNETOM Sola MRI equipped with the latest BioMatrix technology.

We perform examinations within the National Health Fund and for a fee. We operate within the framework of the Oncology Package: patients with a DILO card have an accelerated diagnostic procedure.

Patients are cared for by a qualified team of doctors, nurses and technicians and medical assistants.

Outpatient clinics

The Elbląg Centre includes:

  • Oncology Outpatient Clinic
  • Outpatient clinic for oncology surgery
  • Outpatient Hematology Clinic.

Patients may also use our outpatient clinics located in Ostróda ( Oncology Outpatient Clinic and Oncology Surgery Outpatient Clinic), Iława (Oncology Outpatient Clinic) and Działdów (Oncology Surgery Outpatient Clinic).

A team of patient caregivers remains at the disposal of patients at all outpatient clinics.

A visit to the oncology outpatient clinics does not require a referral.

The Breast Disease Prevention Centre is a stationary Mammography Laboratory in Ostróda equipped with the latest generation of Mammomat Inspiration apparatus.

Nu-Med Grupa S.A. is the implementer of a breast cancer prevention programme financed by the National Health Fund, both at the stage of basic examinations and in-depth diagnostics.

We offer a complete package of diagnostic tests - mammography, breast ultrasound, biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

We provide comprehensive oncology care and further treatment at the Oncology Outpatient Clinic, to which no referral is required.

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Main medical partners


The centre, because of its convenient location and cooperation with partners, provides patients with comprehensive oncology therapy. In cooperation with the WSZ in Elbląg, the location provides Oncology Surgery and Chemotherapy..

Clinical research

At the Radiotherapy and Enhancement Centre in Elbląg, we completed the ARAMIS clinical research study, which involved Patients with prostate cancer.
Two clinical research studies involving Patients are currently being conducted: PACIFIC 2 (enrolment of Patients has been completed) and PACIFIC 4(enrolment has recently been restricted to a specific TNM classification). Both of these are in lung cancer and are Phase III research studies, and are sponsored by AstraZeneca Pharma.
The clinical research at our Radiotherapy and Enhancement Centre is conducted in collaboration with the Chemotherapy Ward of the Elbląg Voivodship Hospital.
A clinical research - DESCARTHES - is planned to begin in the near future.
It is retrospective, without patient participation. It concerns patients with inoperable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The principal researcher of the research will be Head of Department, Barbara Szostakiewicz, MD, PhD

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