Oncology Diagnostics and Therapy Centre – Zamość

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Aleje Jana Pawła II 10, 22-400 Zamość

Oncology Diagnostics and Therapy Centre – Zamość

The centre, together with the Pope John Paul II Independent Public Regional Hospital in Zamość, provides comprehensive oncological treatment. Full and rapid treatment includes: Oncology Outpatient Clinic of the Hospital located in the building of NU-MED Oncology Diagnostics and Therapy Centre Zamość Sp.z.o.o. ( Polish limited liability company), multidisciplinary oncology councils, which are to rapidly and effectively diagnose and introduce cancer treatment.

The ward of the Zamość centre is equipped with 35 beds. There are 18 patient rooms (from 2 to 4 beds), an intensive care room and an isolation room. Rooms of Patients are equipped with sanitary facilities, air-conditioning, free TV, a kitchenette with a fridge, wardrobes with lockers for storing valuables. For patients and their families, there is a family meeting room where they can watch a TV programme, read or have a cup of tea with their loved ones. There is a large car park next to the building with designated spaces for the disabled.


In addition to hospital treatment, outpatient treatment is conducted in the center. For patients whose place of residence is far from the hospital, there is a hotel where the patients stay at the expense of the center during the therapy.

All services provided by NU-MED Center for Diagnostics and Oncology Therapy Zamość are free of charge, owing to the contract signed with NFZ.

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