Elbląg Oncology Centre

Elbląg Oncology Centre is a project carried out by the Voivodship Hospital in cooperation with NU-MED GRUPA S.A.. We provide comprehensive care and rapid oncology treatment under a contract with the National Health Fund.


Elbląskie Centrum Onkologii

Good cooperation, numerous years of experience and the integration of joint activities allow us to offer our Patients comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment in line with our mission: “Cancer can be cured, we act comprehensively to help you do it”. A patient with a suspected or diagnosed cancer is given special care by us. The DILO (Diagnostic and Oncology Treatment) card guarantees that the Patient is covered by a coordinated diagnostic and treatment plan, and the waiting time for appointments with specialists is considerably reduced. The initial diagnosis confirms whether the patient has a tumour. Further diagnosis assesses its size, stage, type and - whether it has metastasised.


After completion of the diagnostic procedure, the Patient is referred to the consilium, during which doctors from a number of specialisations agree on the oncology treatment plan.
The whole process of initial and follow-up diagnostics is supervised by coordinators who make appointments, organise the consilium and coordinate the whole process of the established oncology treatment plan.
We provide a rapid, complete diagnosis, brief waiting time and establish an oncology treatment plan.
Psychological support is available to the Patient and his family during treatment.
Depending on the type of condition, specialised clinics and diagnostic laboratories are available to Patients.





    • Outpatient Clinic for Oncology Surgery
    • Urology outpatient clinic with uroflowmetry laboratory
    • Outpatient clinic for endocrinology
    • Early Diagnostic and Treatment Centre for Gastrointestinal Cancers - Gastroenterology Endoscopy Laboratory
    • Outpatient Clinic for Oncology
    • Outpatient clinic for maxillofacial and dental surgery
    • Mammography Laboratory
    • Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging laboratories
    • Ultrasound / USG DOPPLER Laboratory
    • Laboratory Diagnostics Department
    • Laboratory of Bacteriology
    • Department of Radiology




  • Oncological Surgery with Breast Surgery Subdepartment Ward
  • Gynaecology Ward
  • Urology Ward
  • Neurosurgery, Neurotraumatology and Spinal Surgery Ward
  • Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Ward
  • Otolaryngology with Subdivision of Maxillofacial Surgery Ward
  • Ophthalmology Ward
  • Internal Medicine Ward
  • General Surgery with Subdepartment of Vascular Surgery Ward




  • Oncology Ward
  • Chemotherapy Day Care Ward
  • Radiotherapy and Enhancement Centre


For details, call the free oncology helpline on    800 777 333


e-mail:  pakietonkologiczny@szpital.elblag.pl

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